A perfect advice...

Small input - big effect !!!

Competent advice by KLAGRO means for us to look with your eyes and although to draw on all our experience for your right decisions. By listening and top communication to define and realize all targets together. Thereby to take all aspects into account. Therefore the advice from KLAGRO we call "integrated".

Advice - once complete ! 3-pillars of success..


Everything begins with the question of the feasibility.  A based on fact and realistic feasibility study helps to avoid an economical false start and not to face unpleasent considerable surprises during the operation. By getting involved in countless international projects within more than 10 years and the knowledge about most of the problems which can appear during operation, KLAGRO can be an important support. We accompany you from the first idea to the creation of the business plan through to the meetings with outside creditors like banks and financing companies.

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The right configuration for the right products, the core topic for a long-term success. Thereby a lot of money can be lost by the wrong decisions. The experience gained over the years by KLAGRO comes fully into their own here. We attend you from the conceptual design of the whole plant, the selection of the appropriate machinery and the suitable  suppliers. The support for the creation of a tender and the system specification is for a us a matter of course.

A worldwide first class network of suppliers, service providers and other operators of concrete precast plants is at the disposal of the client. Cost-optimized and efficient.



Perhaps not always from the beginning the main focus of interest but nevertheless equally important is the legal project advice. Special attention will be paid here to avoid harmful constellations in purchase and service contracts.

Especially in connection with the international trade of machinery and equipment the customers with their special locally legal needs are not heared  by the suppliers.

By the multiannual experience in the shaping of legal issues in purchase and supply contracts KLAGRO is, under the collaboration of the german based advocate Mr. Klaus Grossheinrich, perfectly prepared.